Tekra Gubin

Quality reflected in details. We advise, design, and manufacture.

Welcome to TEKRA – a young company full of innovations and modern technologies. Our main field is the manufacture of: extension arms for mobile cranes, components for mobile cranes, and components for crawler cranes, extension arms and components for suspended platforms and metal constructions made of high-strength fine-grained steel.

Tekra sp. z o.o. specializes in the manufacture of components for production and finished elements made of high-strength fine-grained steel for the sector of mobile cranes and related industries. Our customer base does not only comprise the world leading crane market manufacturers but also other distinguished companies in this sector.


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Work at TEKRA

We are currently developing our company and therefore we are searching for people willing to work with us. Are you eager to work at a constantly developing company? Are you ready to improve your qualifications and gain new experience?

Our priority

Environmental Protection

We set high standards for our services, occupational health and safety regulations and environmental protection. We use ecological energy sources in the form of a photovoltaic installation and solar panels with zero CO2 emissions.

Our events

Tekra after hours

We invite you to check out the events that Tekra has had the opportunity to organize for employees recently.

Mechanical Treatment

During mechanical treatment we also provide turning and milling services, boring and drilling.


We are focused on the quality of welding. Based on appropriate procedures, our welding is effective and in accordance with all safety rules.


Brilliant quality and durability of paint coating is guaranteed by  the best applied method and painting process.