The highest quality

Tekra sp. z o.o. specializes in the manufacture of components for production and finished elements made of high-strength fine-grained steel for the sector of mobile cranes and related industries.
Our customer base does not only comprise  the world leading crane market manufacturers but also other distinguished companies in this sector.

On the production surface of about 15 600 square meters Tekra manufactures products that are the most demanding in terms of quality and technical conditions.

We apply the most modern technical equipment and devices to consistently ensure a high level of quality and effective performance. At the explicit request of the customer, Tekra Company constructs special supporting-and-production instruments in order to optimize particular production processes.

The key element while introducing new solutions is the fact that our workers participate in professional trades and seminars. This knowledge serves us with lots of interesting ideas which are the ground for the products development and further implementations of these novelties. Our experts take part in the following trainings and seminars:

  • badania nieniszczące
  • Welding Technology (The Institute of Welding in Gliwice)
  • Mechanical Treatment (Seminars and Trades)
  • Seminars and trainings at customers and suppliers’ destinations)
  • Internal training courses for the workers of Tekra